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Name:Fiction Writers Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community that allows posting of fiction and fanfiction alike.

[-- Welcome to the Fiction Community! --]

This community is for writers who are looking for:
- a place to post and share completed or in-progress work
- constructive criticism
- writing challenges and prompts
- requests for certain types of fiction

[-- The following are allowed --]

- original fiction
- fanfiction
- all genres (ex: horror, mystery, action, erotica, fantasy, sci-fi, game, etc.)
- all formats (ex: drabbles, short stories, etc.)
- all ratings
- challenges, prompts, and requests

[-- The following are NOT allowed --]

- advertisements or links to other communities or websites
- discussion posts that do not contain any actual fiction

[-- Rules --]:

1) When posting, please follow use a format as follows:

Subject Line of Entry: Title [Original] or [Fanfiction]

Challenge/Prompt: (if applies)
Disclaimer: (if applies)
Completed or In Progress:
Word Count:
Author's Notes:

*If something is not worksafe, please include "NSFW" in bold letters for the rating.

2) All posts must be contained under a lj-cut.
3) No flames. Constructive criticism only.

If you're looking to discuss the actual craft of writing, please check out [community profile] writers.

[-- Your Admin --]

Please PM [personal profile] sterling if you have additional questions, suggestions, or would like to become an affiliate!

[-- Affiliates --]

[community profile] fiction_drabbles - A 100-Word challenge community for fiction writers.
[community profile] writers - For writers to discuss the craft of writing.
[community profile] inkstains - A montly prompt-based writing contest, aimed towards helping members improve their writing.
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